Mother collection of shelves and small tables are inspired by Mother Nature. Models consist of vertical pillars that pass through horizontal platforms. The vertical elements stand straight and strong and represent the awake, forward-looking and the unbreakable character that mother nature has. The two composing elements (platforms and pillars) are in contrasting colors. Lighter wood dominates the vertical (male energy), and horizontal wood dominates the horizontal (female energy). Those two energies collaborate in a perfect balance and stability. The connection between these two elements is with wooden ties. The elements can be easily composed and decomposed. The models are hand-made entirely of wood. Initially, the collection is imagined as sculpture in space, but then the horizontal platforms allow diverse usages as tables and shelves. 

Despite all the catastrophes, mother nature is finding a way to move on and heal. The
same goes with our bodies, they have the power to keep going and recover if we
allow them to.

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