Alternative comfort
The proposed design concepts guarantees a perfect comfort in each room by keeping the right dimensions and ensuring enough light in all the living premises and the kitchens.
A perfect structural module is defined that could easily fit bigger and smaller rooms.
The design defines the connection between the rooms. The living room is a gathering square in the apartment. Sunrooms are represented in smaller enclosed loggias bringing in light and air in the rooms, rather than one big sunroom for entire apartment.
The living room merges with the study room. The working on computer today is merged with watching tv and eating or working out for break. For more silent studying there are desks in the bedrooms.

The Large and Medium apartments are different and there is a decrease in the module following the same principles.
Unique apartment in the tower is consisted of living and working part, for individuals who own business like architecture/design studio or e-businesses, it sector,…This is how the micro economy develops, by self-employment.
In all the buildings in the ground floor is located the apartment for a person with a disability.
The entrances and the corridors are well lighted and ventilated by the loggias. This saves energy for lighting during the day.

The apartments are passively ventilated through the slabs and floor vent. The air is collected through wind catcher positioned in the direction of the prevailing wind and exhaled through a solar chimney with solar panels, that use the solar energy to extract the hot air from the apartments. On the south facade, trombe walls are allocated, 3m2 per apartment that helps passively warming each apartment.
The usage of reinforced concrete in residential development is common practice in Russia, so the workers, engineers and constructors are well practiced.
The facade is made of facade bricks that gives warm look. It is supplemented by the loggias that pop up from the facades and create diverse dynamics.