Despite all the catastrophes, mother nature is finding a way to move on and heal. The same goes with our bodies, they have the power to keep going and recover if we allow them to.

The pillars are aiming towards thy sky, towards an endless verticality. They are overpassing the horizontal platforms. Mother shelves have architectural quality. The Mother Jungle version can also represent a perfect model for an architectural building.


The workshop is open to architecture and design students and it wants to discover their potential into design while having in mind the structure of things.

3h workshop will allow the participants to experiment with confronting forces of verticality and horizontality. 

In order to participate please fill in the form.

Open to 8-10 participants. 

When : 8th of June , 18-21 h

Where: Milano

Language: English

Cost: Free

Mentor: Sara Simoska

All the participants will receive an online certificate of participation. 

Рачно изработен мебел и решенија за домот од македонски автори