In a time of the global pandemic, we were forced to stay more in our homes and be attached to the same positions and repetitive activities. One very important result of the ‘staying home experience’ is the decrease in the mental health of people. People found themselves locked, depressed, and with lack of inspiration. In the urge of exit, many people decided to improve their homes during this period. Doing some changes in the inner place was crucial. While before the pandemic, people were spending more time at work, going out, or traveling the world, ‘Feeling good in our homes’ is a statement that should not be underestimated, during the pandemic we live in today.


Although many people predicted that reading will go digital, yet physical books are still a very important asset in our homes. People love rereading, underlying, gifting books, and writing dedications on the first page. Publishers invest in good book covers to accessorize beautiful libraries. New Instagram profiles were created lead by book collectors and readers suggesting what to read next. Top influencers started recommending books, and they also published books about their life. Although book shops are getting closed, people purchased books online.



Movable furniture is a collection of shelves for books in different shapes, inspired by the natural inclination of the last book in a row. These shelves have different shapes and dimensions. The smaller ones are practical for a few books, magazines, and folders and some of the models could be used as a tea table. Bigger models are suitable for bigger books, memories, bags, and even flowers. Those could be used also as standing drink places that can be moved around the home. Furthermore, the shelves are very easy and lightweight for bringing them in hand and transporting them to other places. The dimension of the design is easily transportable in a car, so it doesn’t need bigger vehicles for transport. They have an easily removable partition that can create more space for storage. All of the models are sculptures in space. Shelves are made out of natural light wood, steamed beech. They are handmade, with wooden connections. The color is natural and the finish is smooth.



These designs allow people to be movable in their own space. People can adapt their homes to their needs depending on different life situations. Also, the home becomes more playful and fun for people of all generations: from kids to old people. Allow yourself to be movable!


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