The person of future is a person in MOVEMENT. The economy on a national level works in the way that people have to move from one place to another on a regional level, but also on a continental level. Students and workers travel from point A to B sometimes for few months and then they come back home. Many people live in long distance LOVE relationships because of those issues. A person of FUTURE is a nomad and needs nomadic home with MINImal dimensions.  

The city becomes nomadic too. The MINI NOMAD house will be portable and there will be places in the city where it could be rested for some period. Those spaces will be rented for much lower price than actual hotel. The person of today will have the office inside from where will be connected through internet with all the world and constantly working while traveling.

The MINI NOMAD house of future is compact for traveling and can be opened when resting. Additionally if more space is available, it could be extended to take the maximum capacity of the open space.




Sara Simoska


Video animation
Arnaud Lanouiller Momtche


Paul-Loup Coënon
Alexandre Grivel