This design proposal promotes modular wooden cubes that are dynamic in the space. It is set in an ice cream cafeteria in Skopje where the client asked for intervention in the existing terrace cover structure. This way the cover becomes diverse, warmer and elegant.

The concept of the design is to make the upper space infinite and continuous. The elevation of the cubes gives the space dynamics. The material used is natural wood from North Macedonia. The lightness of the material gives the space fresh ambient. The initial space had a terrace

cover with metal elements that were supposed to be covered. The design doesn’t cover those elements completely but on contrary creates a design using cubes which are opened towards the cover. The dynamic of cubes totally mystify the preexisting cover and the eye focus stays concentrated on the cubes.

The process of work of this project is that each of the cubes was made in a carpenter workshop and then connected on site.

During the design process, models were made in scale 1:25 to check the right height of the cubes. Those models were helpful on site. The existing columns were also wrapped with wood.

Design by

Sara Simoska


Flora Halimi


Kiril Stojanoski and Vlatko Stojanoski