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The apartment is located in Aerodrom Municipality in Skopje, North Macedonia. The clients are parents of two young adults. They decided to start living separately from their children. The aim was to make an apartment that is modern but livable and with home ambient in a way.

The most used material is wood in different shades. The bedroom is calmer and the living room is more vibrant, accordingly to the daily activities that happen in these two rooms.

The bedroom is originally with smaller dimensions then the standard. This is why the bed is parallel to one side. The room is planned to have maximum space for storage, space for work also.  

The living room space is completed by dining room and kitchen. All of them are in wooden materials as the home have warm feeling. 

The kitchen and dining room is divided but in the same time connected by working kitchen table and by wooden wall decoration as shelves. 

Designed by

Sara Simoska



Flora Halimi


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