As being one of 20 finalists in the first stage of Dom Russia competition, competing against 400 other international teams from all the world. Our team continued in the second stage while improving and enriching the first proposal. At the end we were prized with 2nd category prize for proposing a fresh layout of apartments.

The large amount of diverse shops creates a street scenario of mixed shop windows that constantly change. This way, the people are offered a walking program.

The elevated hobby platform defines the outside and the inside space, and at the same time, it opens gates towards the inside public space at 4 key points coming from each street. This public space is divided into two thematic squares: a meeting piazza and a recreational piazza.

A central model is in need for those spaces, because the contemporary human of the 21st century living in the big cities experiences a feeling of not belonging in the public space. This is especially important for the children, who need to have a reserved right of their own public space in front of their building.

The central core section building extends the spaces of the stairs core to create spaces for meetings, storage, and by being open from both sides, it creates natural ventilation in the spring and summer and a strong collection of air that can act as isolation in the winter.