Selected in 20 finalists to go in the second stage at the Dom Russia International Competition, competing against almost 400 international professional teams of architects

Today city ambient is in need of vibrant, clean and prosperous public spaces that give possibility for permanent and temporary urban activities. The central model proposal is consisted of 4 buildings of 3 types, gathered together in one urban block that offers diversity of public spaces, located in Moscow.

The 4 buildings are connected with the elevated platform reserved for the block meetings of residents. It can be approached through stairs from the central square which is depressed for 1,5 metres from the street area and is approached from 3 sites through ramps that are translating the public space from the street towards the inner square smoothly.



The street public space is complemented with green areas, bike line, running track, pedestrian walks. The ground floors of the buildings are providing commercial spaces towards the residential streets. At the corner on the angle of the local streets is for the school. In the underground there is supermarket accessed from west. Having supermarket in a block shortens the km passed with car towards other blocks for groceries.


Shallow pool on the north, refresh the warm air from the north west summer winds. The south gallery building protects the central square from the winter south west winds.


50 percent of the parking is parallel to the streets, other 50 percent is located under the building, accessible from two streets. It is naturally ventilated from the street and from the depressed square in the middle.


The fire track can enter inside the main yard in case of accident, because the access ramps are wide enough, and the platform is high enough.


The tower does not shade the inner yard and the facades of the other buildings, because it is located north west. It represents the block identity in the corner. Its temporary facades of combination of lines, shades and windows, make the mass and volume softer. Ventilated terraces in-between apartments continue through the floors that host neighborhood activities and extensions of housing needs.

The gallery access apartments inside are solved economically in space manners and clean rooms distribution, suitable to practical people and families. Gallery corridor is always on north. Terraces front on south is continuous which make the façade continuous even there are separated terraces.


The central access building takes the east-west position with its longer facades in the block. Its apartments are oriented towards both sides of the building. In between the apartments are the green house spaces, important for the building well being during both winter and summer (insulation and ventilation).
The roofs are covered with solar panels film that collects the sun energy and heat the water that is used for heating from the under floor system and for the common electricity of the building. The grey and dark water is collected and filtered in the underground floor and used for maintenance of the pavement and greenery in the urban block area.


Entire team:

Sara Simoska- main architect
Aleksandar Aleksoski-assistant architect
Mohamed Ibrahim-3d visualization
Dimitar Petrovski,Ilina Cvetkova-technical drawings
Ivona Shukurovska – cost estimation

consultant Savo Simoski