March, 2019

VOICES MAGAZINE Interview with Sara Simoska
13 march 2019, interviewer Igor Pop Trajkov

December 2018

Archdaily 383 Projects Nominated for the EU Mies Prize for Contemporary Architecture
11 December 2018, written by Katherine Allen

Eu Mies Award Nominee 2019
December 2018

Big See Awards 2018

February 2018

Interfax Стандартное жилье по-новому
2 February 2018

BustlerRussian affordable housing competition announces 20 finalists

14 February , 2018, By Hope Daley

Archdaily 20 Finalists Announced in International Housing Competition for Russia
10 February 2018, written by Yiling Shen

Strelkamag The Future of Mass Housing
01 February 2018, author Timur Zolotoev

Authors Lynsey Free, Timur Zolotoev Russia, il concorso per i nouvi quartieri
02 February 2018 Russische woningbouwprijsvraag kent twee Nederlandse finalisten
05 February 2018,  Astrid de Wilde Сара Симоска, архитектката која победи на дом Русија
07 February 2019

November 2017

Interni November Issue

Future Architecture Platform Build your city

World Landscape ArchitectureUrban modular | Tetovo, Macedonia | MELEEM Skopje
17 November 2017, written by AEST

September 2017

Incronaca Bologna Design Week
26 settembre 2017, written by Vittorio Russo Bologna Design Week: Molteni at Palazzo Isolani Il Temporary Living Space di Molteni&C

March 2017

Koozarch Skopje Reckless: Towards dynamic habitat